• Eliminates prior cargo restrictions
  • Eliminates expense of difficult ISO Tank cleaning process
  • Transforms every ISO Tank into a guaranteed FDA and EU food compliant and Kosher certified tank container
  • Increases availability of clean ISO Tanks in absence of cleaning facility
  • Reduces number of empty container transports
  • Optimizes the ISO Tank fleet utilization

Load and discharge TankBag™ through the hatch opening of any ISO Tank Container.

Simple Process. Tested & Proven Results.
The TankBag liner is loaded and discharged by a pump using a loading hose through the manlid. The simple loading process will be completed in 30-45 minutes. Discharging is straightforward and takes approximately the same amount of time.

The product is manufactured using a high-quality food-grade polyethylene, made from 100% virgin resin. The polypropylene valve, coupling and flanges are all made using proprietary molds by TankBag (USA) LLC. This innovative product provides all the strength and safety of an ISO Tank plus the tested and proven product safety of the TankBag.