What Is TankBag™?

TankBag™ is a revolutionary product that makes transport cleaner, simpler and more cost efficient. Our product – a temporary liner that can be used in countless ways to suit your business needs – is manufactured using a high-quality food-grade polyethylene, made from 100% virgin resin for TankBag (USA) LLC. The polypropylene valve, coupling and flanges are made using molds owned by TankBag (USA) LLC, allowing us to monitor and deliver a product that offers premium quality and assurance to the customer.


How It Works

The TankBag™ temporary liner is loaded and discharged by a pump. Simply attach the loading hose to the male Camlock, open the valve and begin pumping. Depending on your pump capacity, the simple loading process will be complete in 30-45 minutes. Discharging of the TankBag™ is as simple of loading and takes about the same amount of time.


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The TankBag™ Advantage

  • TankBag™ removes prior product restrictions such as FOSFA or 3 prior cargo requirements for Wines & Spirits among other industry tank container requirements. Every ISO tank container can now be Kosher or Halal.
  • Always a clean suitable tank available! TankBag™ reduces indirect cost by reducing repositions that are often calculated on transports where cleaning at the destination is not possible. enables the shipper to have a clean tank available without
  • Difficult and expensive cleaning processes are eliminated with TankBag™ as are concerns about corrosion or pitting of many products to an ISO tank shell.
  • All the strength and safety of an ISO tank plus the tested and proven product safety of the TankBag™


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We welcome the opportunity to showcase the value that TankBag™ can bring to your business. Please call or email us – our team is ready to support your bulk liquid requirements.

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